Schedule for classes:

Dance Form Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Contemporary Dance, technique & improvisation with Anish (all levels)   7:30-8:45pm     7:30-8:45pm    

Bollywood Contemporary Dance (Beginers level)

    7:30-8:00pm     7:30-8:00pm  

Salsa, Bachata, Merengue 

Hip Hop     5:00-6:00pm     5:00-6:00pm  

Bollywood & Jazz Funk

    6:30-7:30pm       6:30-7:30pm    
Toddlers (2-4 yrs)          4:30- 5:30pm     4:30- 5:30pm    

Kids Junior (4-8 yrs)

4:45- 5:45pm     4:45- 5:45pm      

Kids Senior (7-11 yrs)

   5:30-6:30pm      5:30-6:30pm    
(Fitness through Dance)   
10:00-11:00am 10:00-11:00am   10:00-11:00am      

VENUE: Choreotheque Dance Studio, D-47, Shanti Kunj, Vasant Kunj

* There will be total of 16 hours of classes per batch.
* Fees for CONFITDANCE - fitness through dance is Rs. 4500/- (thrice a week) per month
* Fees for Contemporary dance is Rs. 3200/- (8 classes) per month
* Fees for Salsa is Rs. 2500/- (4 sessions of one and half hour) per month
**Fees for the Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Kids junior, Kids Senior, Toddlers Batch is Rs. 2500/- (8 classes) per person

For further enquiries, call  9899358590/9811893513

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