Spin-A-Yarn is a concept that aims at unleashing the creative potential in a child through a series of interactive storytelling workshops, with activities that include-Art and Craft, Quizzes, Word Games, Theatre, Role Play, Music, Dance, Etc.
The workshops build in an element of fun to introduce concepts of grammar, spelling and pronunciation in young children and reinforce them in the older ones with themes ranging from fantasy and folklore to environment and values...
Kids attending these workshops learn to :
• use their imagination creatively,
• channelize their thoughts
• enhance their verbal skills
• correlate topics
• communicate ideas
• and gain confidence in public interaction

Spin-A-Yarn holds regular workshops with different modules for kids aged 2-4yrs(preschool),4-9yrs and 10-14yrs.

Spin-A-Yarn also works with Schools, conducting workshops that reinforce concepts that are part of the curriculum, with Corporate Houses for product launches, endorsements, etc, as well as Annual Days and other events, and has worked with Archies, Teksons Bookshop and Select Citywalk Kidsclub among others.
This is a module designed keeping in mind the needs of today. Children are taught to work with their heads and their hands and think out of the box. These workshops can be used for skill building as well as to address educational needs.

Welcome to a fun and enriching experience!

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