Learning in action

Children between the ages of 3-5 years are in the developmental stages of fine motor coordination. They are still unable to perform complicated tasks that require the use of both hands, feet and head simultaneously, but quickly pick up simple actions like hop, skip, jump, clap, roll, nod, etc.

They are developing also their social skills, learning to interact with peers and adults that are not everyday acquaintances. They can follow simple instructions, enjoy performing little tasks and love stories and play acting. They are slowly beginning to understand rhythm in music and enjoy moving to it.

LEARNING IN ACTION is a module that has been especially designed by Choreotheque Dance Studio, keeping these milestones in mind. It introduces children to Rhythm and Movement using a combination of storytelling, music, games and dance movement. It enhances their Fine Motor Skills and teaches them the basic nuances of beat and rhythmic movement in a fun play way method.

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